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Recovapro Percussion Massager Black


RECOVAPRO is a cutting-edge full body massaging device that uses percussive vibration to improve the body's overall performance.

Recovapro percussion massage gun is a vibration device that helps improve blood circulation, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, prevent muscle damage and reduce lactic acid level. Recent studies have shown that percussive massage provided by a massage gun can cause muscle tissue to contract 30 times more than normal voluntary contractions. Interestingly, this action results in muscular and fascial lengthening and strengthening, leading to improved muscle strength and enhanced muscle recovery. This combination results in relieving muscular tightness and reducing the physical stress placed on bones and joints.

Recovapro massager could be used before, during and after exercise. It helps achieve better performance by stimulating blood and lymph circulation, warming up muscle tissues and improving elasticity. Use after exercise to help deliver more oxygen and nutrients into your muscle and fascial. This leads to reducing muscle fatigue, soreness, muscle spasms and alleviates muscle pain.



  • LEVEL 1 : 1500 - 25 Percussions per second
  • LEVEL 2 : 1800 - 30 Percussions per second
  • LEVEL 3 : 2400 - 40 Percussions per second
  • LEVEL 4 : 2800 - 46 Percussions per second
  • LEVEL 5 : 3300 - 55 Percussions per second


BATTERY LIFE : 2600 mAh delivers 3+ hours of use per charge

CONSTRUCTION : The outer case is made of aluminum composite, ensuring that our product is sturdy, lightweight, solid and durable.

WEIGHT : 2.5 LBS / 1.1 KG


SAFETY FEATURE  Innovative protection feature which automatically powers off the device when it's running time exceeds 10 minutes 

EASY CONTROL : Smart Touch Technology allows the device to be switched OFF at any level by merely Holding down the Speed button for two seconds

CARRY CASE : Supplied with a durable carry case means wherever you go, your Recovapro goes with you.


● Recovapro Massager
● Worldwide Universal charger
● User Manual
● Ball Head : suitable for large muscle group
● Bullet Head : suitable for joint, deep tissue treatment
● Flat Head : suitable for all parts of the body
● Fork Head : suitable for the spine
● Power Head : Suitable for deep tissue treatment
● Durable Carry Case